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What are Tokeneyes?

Tokeneyes Labs is the brainchild of Cordelle, a passionate advocate of web 3 and all things crypto. Having noticed the lack of originality and too much copy-and-paste in the web 3 world, Cordelle decided to inject some personality into the industry.

In early 2022, he began drawing his favorite cryptocurrencies, giving them faces for fun, but soon forgot about them. Months later, he was struck with an idea - why not give all cryptocurrencies a unique personality? And that's how Tokeneyes Labs came to be.

With Cordelle's passion and creativity at the helm, Tokeneyes Labs promises to bring a fresh perspective to the crypto world and add some much-needed personality to the industry.

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How can I get involved?

Tokeneyes was created to be accessible and cherished by everyone, not limited to being just an NFT project. With options including shirts and prints to wear or display on your walls, you can choose how to enjoy Tokeneyes in a way that suits you.

Whether or not you have a preferred cryptocurrency, finding a piece you love is a breeze because each one brings a distinct personality. Cordelle, the creator, is open to suggestions for future Tokeneyes pieces, so don't hesitate to let him know if you have any ideas for bringing your favorite crypto to life.

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